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Online Fitness Questionnaire


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What is your resting heart rate?    What is your blood pressure?
What is your perception of your current level of fitness, muscular strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and coordination? (be very specific)


Do you currently exercise on a regular basis?   yes     no
If yes, describe the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise routine:
How long have you been exercising regularly? years months


What are your health and fitness goals? (be very specific)

What areas of fitness interest you?  Strength training    Body Toning and Shaping
Weight Loss    Flexibility/Stretching    Yoga     Pilates    Body Building
Pre/Post Natal    Postural Correction    Nutrition    Other:

Where will you workout?   Gym/Health Club   Home    Other:

What type of fitness equipment will you have access to? (weights and cardiovascular)

How much time will you devote to an exercise program?
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What exercises do you most and least enjoy?

List any injuries that may limit your ability to follow an exercise program.


How would you describe your eating habits?   healthy    unhealthy   erratic

What would you like to change about your eating habits?

Are you trying to diet or lose weight?  yes    no   
If yes, how much would you want to lose? lbs.

How many meals do you eat each day?

What is you favorite protein, carbohydrate and junk food? (list all three)

When was the last time you had a physical examination (mm/dd/yy)?

Do you have:
High blood pressure? yes no
High cholesterol? yes no
Diabetes? yes no
Known heart disease? yes no
A heart murmur? yes no
Chest pain during physical activity? yes no
Irregular heart beat or palpitations? yes no
Lightheadedness or fainting spells? yes no
Unusual shortness of breath? yes no
Cramping pains in legs or feet? yes no
Emphysema? yes no
Thyroid or kidney disorders? yes no
Epilepsy? yes no
Asthma? yes no
Back pain? yes no
Other joint pain? yes no
Muscle pain or an injury? yes no
Cancer? yes no
Osteoporosis? yes no
Are you currently under a doctor's care? yes no
Have you recently been hospitalized? yes no
Do you smoke? yes no
Are you pre/postnatal? yes no
Do you drink alcohol more than three times per week? yes no
Do you consider your stress level to be high? yes no

Do you have a grandparent, parent or sibling who, prior to age 55, has had:
A heart attack? yes no
A stroke? yes no
High blood pressure? yes no
High cholesterol? yes no
Weight (obesity) problems? yes no

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please explain in detail:

List any medications you take on a regular basis. Include vitamins and supplements.

List all additional medical information that was not already covered.


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